Charlie Warde creates works of art recreating sections of concrete buildings, such as Ernö Goldfinger’s Trellick Tower in West London and of Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar, designed by English architects Alison and Peter Smithson.

Warde was ‘artist in residence’ at Trellick Tower focusing on the materials of the building. He produced a series of ‘3D paintings’ exploring damaged areas of the building’s curtilage and the spalled surface of the 31-storey tower. These ‘Plastic Paintings’ mimic the Brutalist building material, concrete. Each of the works is made entirely from artist pigments and acrylic mediums.

Warde was ‘artist in residence’ during 2013 at Goldfinger’s home 2 Willow Road where he made etching-based works exploring Goldfinger’s Utopian drive to build for a better world. His most recent example, Memorandum (Robin Hood Gardens), was June’s “Print of The Month” at the V&A Museum.

He also made Homes of Tomorrow, four radio programs on Goldfinger’s ideas and legacy, with sound artist James Torrance. The series features on Architecture degree syllabi throughout the world.