Lives and works in London

Emilia’s interest in the body and society’s representation of beauty and fragility has shifted into abstraction, evolving from the internal and personal to external and collective inclusiveness of nature. It is almost as if the artist has gone beyond representation into introspection and emotions to connect with nature of existence beyond her body. Sunyer’s particular technique is one of ‘application’ and ‘transferral’ of colour and form, from the palette to the canvas, intriguing the viewer to immerse into large-scale atmospheric canvases and layers of movement, focus and blurring, inorganic and organic, light and dark, transparency and mystery. Her work invites the viewer to feel with a sense of foreboding or unease, and often they evoke a sense of tranquility and peace.



Solo Exhibitions


Art Rio, Hus Gallery


Skin Deep, Maddox Arts, London


Emilia Sunyer, Maddox Arts, London


“Sense and Sensitivity”, Bolivar Hall, London

“Circles – Monuments”, Oscar Ascanio Gallery, Caracas

Group Exhibitions


Her Nature, Maddox Arts, London

Marbella Art Fair, Maddox Arts


Conscientia: Latin American Consciousness – Lloyds Club, London


Not So Original – Maddox Arts, London


Pinta London, Maddox Arts

The London Art Fair, Maddox Arts


Winter show, Maddox Arts



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