Lives and works in Cologne, Germany


Ferro plays with the metal properties creating light, gravity defying works more reminiscent of Jesus Rafael Soto’s kinetic works of light metal rods dancing in the air or the lyric abstraction of Kandinsky’s paintings. His iron mobiles and stabiles – a sculpture having fixed units (usually constructed of sheet metal) and attached to a fixed support. Each is built of slender iron rods, often aligned horizontally with downward verticals hanging from small loops at either end, in the manner of a family tree diagram or organizational chart. Various elements are suspended on fragile and extraordinary thin iron rods, left to float in free space like antennas. They are set into motion by the slightest current of air or a gentle touch as if being pulled by silken strings. Through repetition and variation, the artists’ modules grow lyrical.  Ferro turns this “language material” in sculptural designs driven by air.

Solo Exhibitions


Zeitkunstgalerie Kitzbühel, Kitzbühel, Austria


Gallery Catherine Putman, Paris, France


Interrupted Silence, Maddox Arts, London, UK


DAN Galeria / Sao Paulo, Brasil

Louis Stern Fine Arts / West Hollywood, CA – USA

Galeria Cayön / Madrid, Spain

Galerie Cohn / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Galerie Axel Holm / Ulm, Germany

Group Exhibitions


Weight for the Showing, Maddox Arts, London, UK

SP – Arte, DAN Galeria, São Paulo, Brasil

Arco Madrid, DAN Galeria, São Paulo, Spain

Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam, Holland

Art Paris, ART FAIRE, Silvan Fässler Fine Art, Zug, Paris, France

Art Breda, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam


Maarten Brinkman, Frans Mossou, Knopp Ferro, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Not So Original, Maddox Arts Gallery, London, Great Britain

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