Lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela

Reverón works with the principle of non-existent-content-of-world as the essence of object that starts to exist outside of reality. Taking the notion of “structure” as a major issue to express the reality of the object, the work of Reverón draws it to develop its image from your own residual space. The artist seeks the beauty of an object made with a peculiar condition: beauty-empty structure. Always setting the object into a subtle form created by the process of structural condition, a fleeting image or perhaps a not-existing matter, his kind of “language of absence” to construct an object without content.



Solo Exhibitions


“Destruir-Construir-Espacio_Andamio” Teatro Centro Cultural de San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela.

“Destruir-Construir” Galeria Spazio-Zero, Caracas, Venezuela.


“El Calvario-Lines” Barrio-Central Arte Contemporáneo, Carcas, Venezuela.


“IN BETWEEN OBJECT & EMPTINESS” Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky. Vienna, Austria.


“SUPER-BLOCK Space & others species” Solo show at Astarté Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

“Super-block” One-project, Art Madrid 2012 Art Fair – Astarté Gallery. Madrid, Spain.



Group Exhibitions



“Encounter Art Space 2017” Encounter Art Space Galler, Brighton, UK.


“Pop Up #02 Ruiloba” Galeria Astarté, Cantabria, Spain.

“Anónimos Causas Mayores” La Rambleta, Valencia, Spain.

“RES/DUAL” Maddox Arts, London UK.

“Fondo de Galería” Galeria Astarté, Madrid Spain.


“Soporte Fotográfico” Galeria Spazio-Zero, Caracas, Venezuela.

“SlideLUck Ccs” Centro Cultural Los Galpones, Caracas, Venezuela.

“Pop Up #01 Ruiloba” Galeria Astarté, Cantabria, Spain.


“Estampa Art Fair Madrid-Matadero” Galeria Astarté, Madrid Spain.

“Smell of Cerdanyola.” Colección Olor Visual at Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola”

“The Fragmantation Issue” El Paper Magazine with Organización Nelson Garrido ONG Ccs, Venezuela.

“Degrees of Separation” Maddox Arts, London UK.


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