Exhibition: 21st January – 6th March 2010

In recent years Cipriano Martinez has focused his attention in concepts derived from the urban landscape. His paintings explore the transformations in the urban tissue.   Plans, limits and urban sprawls are ideas underlying in his works. Changes of the scale of representation and repetition ad infinitum of architectural elements are some of the strategies employed by Martinez to construct his paintings. Reminiscences of modern architecture can be appreciated in some of his paintings.

False perspectives, distorted spaces and vorticism break the idea of the Cartesian order, creating pattern and uncanny spaces, which open up whole new possibilities to the viewer. Martinez’s way of painting begins with the deconstruction of images of the urban scene; already pre-recorded by the artist. These are processed in the computer, and then reconstructed on the canvas. The results can be a metaphor for the mechanisms of memory, the way we remember things. In most cases the original reference is lost leaving us with just traces.