Exhibition: 11th February to 23rd February 2013


“The noise resembles the roar of heavy, distant surf. Standing on the stirring ice one can imagine it is disturbed by the breathing and tossing of a mighty giant below”

                                                                                                      – Ernest Shackleton


Maddox Arts is delighted to host the latest exhibition of photographs by Italian photographer Enzo Barracco. The Noise of Ice is the fruit of a month-long expedition to the Earth’s southernmost point, a trip undertaken with the ambition to charter the environmental devastation wreaked upon the frozen continent. The London based photographer, reflected of his time with the expedition:

“The aim of the project, reflected through my images, is to increase the urgent need for people to understand and decide the complex message of this ancestral territory, where the violence of the oceans driven by strong winds seems to foster the last secrets of the universe”

Indeed, such exposure has never seemed more necessary. In a recently published edition of Nature Geoscience, a new analysis of temperature records indicates that the Western Antartic Ice Sheet is warming twice as fast as previously thought. Barracco spoke of his hope that his images would prompt people to see the true primordial beauty of the region and consider the implications of their actions upon it.

Enzo explains: “It is an opportunity for deep reflection on our daily consumption, as all human activities can affect and infect a unique and far away ecosystem, as wild as that of “finis terrae” Antartica, a charismatic and mysterious place of real beauty”

The Noise of Ice project is supported by the Foundation Prince Albert 2 de Monaco, United Nationa, Coloumbia and Nikon.