Exhibition: 1st March – 19th March 2011

Maddox Arts is delighted to open its doors to Fordham Gallery. Man Somerlinck’s selection of twenty-nine artists will bring a salon exhibition to Maddox Arts. The show will include works ranging from painting, video installation, sculpture and photography.

Artists: Daniela Quillici, Joel Tomlin, Audrey Reynolds, Norbert Prangenberg, Olha Pryymak, Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson, Matthew Tickle, Jeremy Sallon, Luke Brennan, Sherrilee Cooper, Brendan Coates, Lucy Gunning, Richard Annely, Maia Naveriani, Piers Jamson, Ben Cain, Joe Royle, Tina Gverovic, Theo M. M., Ilona Sagar, Michael Needham, Sharon Vickers, Denis Glaser, Elizabeth Magill, Sam Burford, Joseph Kramholler and Idonthaveyourmarbles.