Exhibition: 8th July to 20th August 2011

Maddox Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by British artist Peter Griffin. ‘Paintings from the Interlude’ comprises works made over the past two years since Griffin completed his residency at the Rothko Centre in 2009. Although these paintings continue Griffin’s exploration into the self, the works presented in this exhibition incorporate a new visual language of dynamic forms and vivid colours, which further develop notions of the artist’s perception on human condition.

Over the past fifteen years, Griffin has combined the power of poetry with that of the visual, resulting in compassionate and intimate interpretations of the self. The artist has created a fragmented narrative of semi-abstract figures, which symbolize concepts of freedom, humanity and justice. By fusing abstract and figurative elements, Peter Griffin has formulated a language that questions identity, love and mortality.

‘Paintings from the Interlude’ projects a concern on the experience of ‘being’. Traces of time are depicted through experienced events or relationships. Memory and association become the main tools of representation and define the atmosphere throughout Griffin’s new works. The feeling dominating this new body of work emerges as vigorous and serene, with vibrant colours and energetic rhythms expressed across the surface of the canvas. Human presence, either symbolic or literal, still remains a powerful metaphor for the artist, questioning the meaning of life and reassessing philosophical aspects of the human condition.