Exhibition: 5 February – 12 March 2016

RES / DUAL, is a group exhibition featuring the work of: Ana Cvorovic, Daniel Medina, Francisca Prieto, Miler Lagos, Rafael Reveron-Poján and Ximena Garrido-Lecca.
Each artist uses day-to-day materials, and, or artifacts, that previously served a specific purpose and function in their original form. They are transformed into something else by altering and combining them in an almost ritualistic process. By employing them in their artwork, it takes them away from the purpose for which they were created, and brings them into a symbolic existence. They are no longer there to be touched or used, but rather observed.
The artists each have a unique vision and ability to bring these ideas into fruition, and with the displacement of these everyday objects they are able to manipulate their meaning and even allocate new ones.