Exhibition: 17th July to 29th August 2009

Maddox Arts is pleased to present it’s Summer show for 2009, featuring new work by eleven international artists: Martin Di Girolamo (ARG), Peter Griffin (UK), Vicente Grondona (ARG), Cipriano Martinez (VEN), Ibrahim Miranda (CUB), Raul Pina (MEX), Dudley Reed (UK), Dodi Reifenberg (ISR), Nic Tucker (UK), Nick Veasey (UK), & Augusto Villalba (VEN).

Introducing three new photographers to Maddox Arts, Nick Veasey’s ‘Rocking Horse’ explores what lies beneath the surface in a world obsessed with image and superficial looks, peeling back the layers to see what things are made of.

Veasey works with radiographic imaging equipment, exploring a new dimension in the use of x-ray, and giving everyday objects altered meanings while showing the make-up of natural items in extraordinary detail. In comparison Nic Tucker’s work covers nudes, portraits, travel and the classic themes. Exhibiting two nudes with an emphasis on subtle forms, shadows and amalgamation, his work encompasses natural beauty with hints of the sublime. Akin to Tucker is Dudley Reed, a multi facetted photographer whose career has seen him photograph many well-known actors, artists and musicians. Reed’s photographs comprise humorous undertones such as that seen in ‘Billy Connolly’, whilst also retaining more serious reflective aspects to his work.

Dodi Reifenberg returns to Maddox Arts with new work which continues to explore issues of social and environmental significance by recycling the same plastic bags that we use everyday. ‘Laura’ captures a world that Reifenberg has created for his models, made entirely from the plastic bags, including their clothes, which have become an intrinsic element of his new compositions.

Continuing Maddox’s tradition of supporting international artists, there is a strong contingency of South American Artists in this Summer’s group show. brahim Miranda uses the morphology of the island where he lives, Havana, as a pretext for an obsessive reinterpretation of himself with the same authority with which god created the world in his own image and likeness. Miranda appropriates pages from the atlas and covers them with his own personal marks so that in years to come, the results can be seen as his own cartography. For Miranda printing onto maps is a dynamic, open-ended process similar to the processes unfolding in nature on the island and in those who live there.

Likewise, Cipriano Martinez takes Caracas as the inspiration for his ‘Pixelados’ series, translating the modern architecture and favelas (cerros) into colourful geometric patterns which attempt to reinterpret the essence of the urban landscape in which he grew up in.