Exhibition: 8th December – 20th January 2012


Maddox Arts is pleased to present its winter group show comprising nine artists working in a range of media including painting, drawing, silkscreen prints and photography. Bringing together almost twenty works, produced mainly between 2010 and 2011, the show is arranged in pairs of two, reflecting each artists’ individual artistic production.

English painter Paul Freud, Venezuelan artist Lucia Pizzani and filmmaker and watercolourist Clement Page introduce their works for the first time at Maddox Arts. Freud presents a triptych depicting distorted figures set against a flat, austere background. Similarly, Page shows two monochromatic watercolours portraying blurry subjects and landscapes. Pizzani present us with two photographs of orchids encased in oval frames alluding to Victorian times and the taboo associated with such imagery. A varied selection of works by previously exhibited artists also accompany the show including Kobuke’s cherry wood panel drawings of mythical creatures, Mikael Alacoque’s resin sculptures of skull-headed canines and Farley’s silkscreen prints depicting gorillas encrusted with diamond dust. Gallery artists such as Cipriano Martinez showcase works derived from close observation of the architecture and psychology of urban spaces. Peter Griffin and Emilia Sunyer, by contrast continue to use abstraction as a vehicle to express complex human emotions.